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Where To Go Shopping In Tasmania

Posted on November 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

An amazing place like Tasmania is a perfect destination for your upcoming summer vacation. The only island state in Australia, you can enjoy Tasmania with any budget you want for your personal enjoyment. Leave the city behind and take pleasure in the area’s pristine island together with its beautiful coastlines, untouched forests, amazing cities as well as its shopping.

Listed below are the best shopping spots to visit whilst you are in Tasmania. You can purchase both locally made products and the branded items which are available worldwide.


Based in the heart of the capital city of Hobart, the Antiques Market offers antiques, art and collectibles for shoppers. You can find it the city’s main business area, Elizabeth Street.

Find the best antique items which include furniture, gems, kitchen wares and artworks on both floors. They display several collectibles showcased by 15 antique collectors. The place also has a service of restoring some furniture and upholstery.


The place, as its name implies, displays rare, classic and second hand books. The place is located in the capital city particularly in Salamanca Place, a newly renovated 19th century building near the waterfront. You can easily walk to the place when you are around the main business area.


The place has numerous things to offer the visitors; from food items to the dry goods and crafts. You can buy fresh, frozen or live sea foods, beef, groceries, clothing, tools, wines and everything you need inside and outside the house. The place is very spacious and is comfortable to shop. The market is open at 10am to 4pm from Thursday – Sunday.


The shop offers a wide range of environmentally centered books, wildlife posters, DVD’s, geographic maps of the island and calendars. The profit the shop takes will be going to the protection and restoration of the Australia’s wildlife.


This shop is originated in New Zealand. It is a chain of stores that is a distributor of branded apparel. If you need something for your hiking activity, you can find quality hiking back packs, casual wears and durable shoes which are made from re used items.


Started in 1972, Salamanca Market is the place for all the people who want to buy quality but affordable products. Here, you can find locally produced foods, old clothes and books, Tasmanian souvenirs, Audio CDs, affordable sun glasses and more. The market has numerous stalls to choose from. If you are in Tasmania, you should not forget to drop in on the place.


The place is located in The Climbing Edge. The place holds some second hand gears for hiking and outdoor use. You can buy some tents, shoes, walking gears and more.


The place showcases amazing artwork by the local Aborigines as well as the works of Tasmanian Aborigines. There are also cafes and bars where you can order some food.