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The Wilderness Lodge

Posted on March 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge and Villas is an expansive hotel and resort in the Walt Disney World resort in Orlando. Over 15 years of age, the resort debuted on May 28th, 1994. To keep with the Disney tradition, the Imagineers invested an unbelievable amount of time on the motif of the hotel. For the theme of the Wilderness Lodge, the Imagineers chose to evoke the Pacific Northwest.

The primary lobby, and also the rest of the resort, display wilderness and Native American components. Amazingly there is even a replica spring, from which water flows to the amazing pool area. Once you visit the pool area you will find additional replica outdoor features, including a geyser that blasts water up through the sky.

Disney World has a variety of types of accommodation, based on expense. Such levels are called “value,” the most affordable, “moderate” and ultimately “deluxe,” the most expensive. The Lodge is categorized as “deluxe,” although it isn’t as costly as many of its sister Disney “deluxe” hotels. The Wilderness Lodge is a Magic Kingdom hotel, although it isn’t on the Monorail line. Visitors can get to the Magic Kingdom easily by using complimentary water transportation.

Much like the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge offers an array of activities and events and can be though of as a theme park in and of itself. Guests can very easily consume several days participating in the activities the hotel offers without needing to leave the resort premises. The resort presents several dining options spanning the spectrum from quick service counters, to gourmet dining in the amazing restaurant, Artist Point.

Additionally the hotel offers Whispering Canyon Cafe, an establishment with its own unique charm. The waiters are very gregarious and belligerent and participate in many gags, frequently embarrassing the guests. The establishment may be tremendous fun for children who enjoy a rambunctious experience, but may be a tad bit scary for shy kids, or their adults for that matter.

As well as easy transport to the Magic Kingdom, guests can use the water transport to go to Fort Wilderness and Disney’s Contemporary Hotel. These direct boat routes are often extremely beneficial for taking advantage of the eating and many other shops and amenities of these destinations. Each of the given destinations are situated on Bay Lake, an engineered small lake that connects to the Seven Seas Lagoon, on which the Magic Kingdom rests.

The Wilderness Lodge also has a section for members of the Disney Vacation Club, Disney’s timeshare program. Similar to all DVC offerings, the Villas as they’re called offer quite a few of their own comforts offered solely to members of the plan. However, even if you aren’t a member of DVC, you may visit the Villas and inspect the features.

For those considering a Disney vacation, the Wilderness Lodge can offer guests a fairly inexpensive option to stay near the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom resorts are quite costly and the Wilderness Lodge usually is by far the most reasonably priced. Though guests give up access to the Monorail, they get the many on-site amenities and a very impressive view. For guests who like the Pacific Northwest, they may find themselves feeling that Disney’s Wilderness Lodge offers the ideal deal at any cost.