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Setting Up Shop in the Online Market Place

Posted on April 25, 2018 in Uncategorized

When we open a store in the physical world, very rarely do we look to place that store outside of a shopping mall or public thoroughfare, we look for shopping malls, public foot traffic and community meeting places to gain the most exposure for our products. Why then when we open our store online would we think any different. People might argue that search engines are our shopping malls but search engines are our world not places to direct us to buy things. The traditional search engines clutter us with information rather than offer us a merchant that is selling what we want or allow us to have a neat organised and enjoyable shopping experience, No for this we as customers demand and have proven to crave online marketplaces.

What all online markets have in common is that they allow a business to easily sign up and sell their goods to the massive audience of shoppers these platforms offer, rather than the business relying on their own marketing and card handing out efforts to help potential customers find their stores.

Its really a matter of power through numbers. A small spend with these market platforms by many sellers gives them the a very large marketing budget that they can use to draw people to their site in the same way that a shopping mall pulls in foot traffic. As a store in these online malls you then stand to benefit not only from the reputation of the site but also from the other sellers on the site. It only takes a handful of very popular sellers on the site to fulfill the role of anchor tenants pulling traffic past all the line stores so no matter what you are selling your chance of being found is better than it ever was when you were solo in the wilderness of the internet.

The more places you sign your business up to the more exposure you will get. Obvious? Yes it is! but if you sign up to a couple of these sites, perhaps all of them, you will really get your name out there in a big way you may be able to start the viral spread of your products and be able to take you business to the next level.

So rather than wasting your money and energy developing a massive site to sell your products on, sign up to multiple marketplace sites, its the place to be!