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Preparing for the Worst While Hiking

Posted on September 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

How often do we plan an outdoor vacation, but we forget to properly prepare for that impromptu side trip into the wilderness, for an overnight stay, or all day excursion? I know it has happened to me when taking that hike to the mountain lake that is just over the ridge and where there will be few people on the trail.

How often are we prepared with enough food, proper clothing or water when we set out on a beautiful day hike? In today’s instant society there are plenty of foods to choose from, but we often choose off the shelf protein bars or packaged items to throw into our backpacks. We grab a water bottle or two and off we go for that instant hike into the wilderness.

A little planning goes a long way in preparing for unexpected disasters. Having a check list of the most essential items in your wilderness pack before you leave home will pay dividends when unexpected disasters strike. The following seven items are must have items that will save your life and help make the disaster tolerable:

1) Waterproof matches or windproof butane lighter

2) Extra food and water. The preferable choice would be prepackaged food that just needs hot water.

3) Emergency waterproof shelter (plastic cover).

4) Multipurpose knife

5) Extra clothing (preferably wool or other material that will keep you warm when wet.)

6) Flashlight (plus extra batteries)

7) Emergency first aid kit

All of these items can be purchased at your local shopping center or the internet for a minimal price. The items will last for years in your wilderness pack. and will offer you a great sense of security.

In addition to the seven essential items above are additional items that would be nice to have in your wilderness pack. These items will certainly make your time in the outdoors more enjoyable and just might be life saving:

8) Compass

9) Toilet kit which would include toilet paper

10) Insect repellent

11) Sunburn protection

12) Whistle

13) Fire starter

14) Maps of the area your exploring

15) Sunglasses

You can pack these items in your personal back pack. or you can visit websites that have wilderness packs available for a minimal price. If you are an avid outdoors person you must be prepared for a last minute change in plans. You need to have a pack prepared before you head out the door. Keep the back pack light but keep it packed with these essential items and you will be prepared when a disaster strikes.