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Hiking Boot Reviews – Essential Selection and Shopping Information

Posted on February 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Numerous people choose hiking as their favorite outdoors activity. Do you love this activity as well? If true, then you know the importance of protecting your feet. People can hike anywhere including in the jungle, wilderness, mountainous regions, icy and snowy grounds and so on. Without putting on the right footwear, hikers can hurt their feet. By reading the available hiking boot reviews, anyone can get a better understanding on this issue.

Reviews act as good guides for new and previous shoppers who are in search of the suitable boot pair. Ensure that you look through review comments to know why you need a strong pair of trekking boots. As mentioned briefly above, these shoes have what it takes to ensure safety of the wearer’s foot. They boast a very strong outsole construction to withstand rocks, thorns, insects and other things that can injure your foot.

At the same time, these products have a soft padding, which provides endless support and protection on the sides of your feet. As a result, your entire leg, especially the area around the ankles can stay free of sprains and cramps through out the hiking session. Ankle safety remains good too because the boot’s top possess a very stiff construction. Additionally, many designer boot models are waterproof, meaning that they will not allow water to enter inside them.

In our hiking boot reviews, you would also learn awesome shopping tips. These products are useful but not all of them. Shoppers have to know what they want before they can start searching for a pair of boots. As well, decide the type of mountaineering you intend to do soon, since there are shoes for vigorous and simple activity. For camping related hikes, you should go for the later and the former for daily treks.

The heavy-duty footwear for many days’ walking is often slightly heavier to withstand the weight of a loaded backpack. The reviews would also direct you to the best shopping places where you would find very good price deals. What is more, they would reveal to the existing boot brands and which ones among them are shoppers’ favorites. There are many designers out there but some like Asolo, Timberland, Boreal and Lowa are very popular.

Note that several other top brands are available and the only thing left to do is searching for them. There are various types of designer shoes available for hiking. Often, you will find them grouped in terms of the common feet sizes. There are special boot models for people that have narrow and wider feet. Custom varieties exist too and they consist of personal choice measurements.

You can also choose shoes that have waterproof technology or those that lack. Additionally, you can look specifically for winter models with insulation for ensuring warmth. Finally, you want to read hiking boot reviews to find out how one would care for his or her favorite type. Whether you get a cheap or expensive pair, you would still want it to last longer. Some prior shoppers are keen on giving maintenance and repair tips for any branded footwear for hiking.

How to Unlock Your Wife’s Inner Sexual Wilderness

Posted on February 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

Social norms have caused women to deliberately suppress their sexuality and deprive them the right to enjoy sex as much as men do. Just like a wolf hiding under a sheep skin, inside every woman is a sex Goddess who is waiting to “break out from her skin” under the right conditions. Here is how you can awaken the sex goddess inside your wife.

(1) Tell your wife to just “let go”. Being too self-conscious or trying to maintain the “good girl” image will prevent your wife from enjoying sex.

(2) Get your wife to love her body. Most women are raised with distorted negative messages about their bodies in general and their genitals in particular. Get her to love and accept her body as it is, even though it may not be of “super model” type.

(3) Make her feel sexy about herself by telling her how attractive and irresistible she is.

(4) Get her into the mood by watching with her movies that have strong sexual content or share with her some erotic reading materials. Encourage her to fantasize.

(5) Explore and discover. Take the time to find out about her likes and dislikes as well as her erogenous zones. Try a variety of sexual positions.

(6) An overworked and stressful wife is less likely to feel and behave in a sexy way. Help her with some simple daily chores such as taking out the trash, folding the laundry and washing dishes, etc.

(7) Accompany her for some lingerie shopping and help her to choose those pieces that look sexy to her. Giving her some special jewelry or her favorite perfume to wear can help her to feel more attractive and sexy.

(8) Get out of the normal routine. Grab her, give her a surprise passionate kiss and start making out with her when she least expects it or experiment with having sex in different places of the house and in different positions. Try morning or afternoon sex for a change.

(9) Surprise her with some small gifts or arrange romantic dinner at home or at her favorite restaurants. Plan and reserve fun moments with her such as special, romantic evenings or trips will make her fell loved and may bring her into the mood.

(10) Sexual fantasizing. Just for a moment, stop looking at her just as your wife. Get crazy, allow your imagination to run wild and think of her as a naughty sexpot and encourage her to play the part. Find out about her sexual fantasies and make them come true.


Shop-Till-You-Drop At The Great Singapore Sale

Posted on February 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Tempting discounts, rock-bottom prices and an amazing travel destination…I’m back home from an incredible Asian shopping fiesta- the Great Singapore Sale!!

If you are looking out for that ‘must-have’ bag, latest laptop or the hottest mobile phone and are planning to take a break in the near future, then take my word- the trip to Singapore during the Great Singapore Sale is the place to be! For this year’s mega sale, from 26th May to 23rd July, you can expect slashed prices from 20-30% upto 70% that include all the big shops across the island.

I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the shopping madness that spills out from the central shopping belt of downtown Orchard Road and Marina Bay to the city fringes and neighbourhood centres like Marine Parade and Toa Payoh, till the point you leave the country, at the Changi Airport.

As I found out myself, the discounts at the ongoing Great Singapore Sale are even more tempting this year with the Singapore Tourism Board launching massive promotions for the Indian tourists, with special airfares and attractive tourist packages during the Sale; including the added lure of a privilege card for the Indian shoppers entitles us to further discounts at the mammoth Suntec City mall.

If you want to be at the heart of the shopping excitement, I suggest you stay at the Oriental hotel or the Marina Mandarin- an arm’s throw from the Marina Square and the Suntec city mall. You can try the Fortuna or Claremont Hotel in Little India, for those slightly budget-conscious.

Delight in a bargain off the street-side shop, pick up a curio or two as you walk through colourful ethnic quarters, or cocoon yourself in one of the 12 air-conditioned shopping malls across the island that will take turns to extend shopping hours as far back as 12 midnight each weekend.

Bossini, Esprit, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger… or trendiest in electronics, jewellery, watches and cosmetics; to IT gear and techno-gizmos, in this sale you’ll find it all.

Simply flash your Visa or American Express credit cards and you’ll find some amazing bargains, not just from select shops but also from a variety of food outlets. Be sure to do your homework to take the maximum advantage of these on-going credit card promotions.

If you want to stay connected, but dread the colossal roaming bill when you come back, just buy a local simcard from any of the 7/11 shops. With simcards starting from 10 Singapore$ denominations and refills available easily, I think its the cheapest way to get connected.

What bugged me at times though, were the huge queues was getting a taxi, especially when you are lugging your armful of shopping bags. The only way to avoid this is to dial for a taxi (65221111), which would charge you about 10% more than the actual tariff, but it’s a real convenience for those willing to pay a little extra.

And if you are weary from the hours of shopping, don’t worry, you can even enjoy a free body and foot massage at the tourism board’s visitor lounge in downtown Orchard Road along with some free entertainment and lucky draws!

For me, the best way to take a break from shopping was to enjoy a delicious Indian meal served on banana leaf at Sammy’s Curry at the Marina Square Food court around the Suntec area (priced at max 8 SD, it’s a must-have treat) or a sit back and relax with a classy Indian dinner at the Ras Restaurant on the Clarke’s Quay.

When you are finally through with shopping, don’t forget to walk through plexiglass underwater tunnel aquarium or take the night-safari at the Singapore Zoo. With a backdrop of colourful ethnic Asian community, tall gleaming skyscrapers of downtown Singapore, excitement of the Sentosa Island and the wilderness of the Jurong Bird Park, Singapore offers you a spectacular value for money.

And for the hardcore shopping enthusiasts there’s always some last minute duty-free shopping at the Changi Airport with the refund of the 5 percent sales tax on receipts of purchase of more than 100 Singapore$ during the Sale.

So arm yourself with sturdy shoes, recharged mobile phones and Credit cards, and get ready to fill your shopping bags with unbeatable bargains at the sale of the year. Indulge in 60 days of shopping carnival, shop-till-you-drop at the Great Singapore Sale!

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