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Must See in Tasmania

Posted on June 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

You may think that Tasmania is extremely small and will have nothing much to see. But don’t forget that great thing come in small packages and Tasmanian attractions are nothing short of great. There is shopping to do, sites to see, hiking, swimming, surfing and the Tasmanian devil to visit! It is here you will find Australia’s oldest narrow gauge tramway and you can take the family for a joy ride on scenic railway through some of the most picturesque parts of Tasmania.

In the north east of Tasmania you will find the most beautiful fertile soil and the best quality timber. Sheep graze in plenty and poppy is a bumper crop here. It’s hard to believe that the north eastern part was a mining area. In fact that’s something you have to see here; what’s left of the gold mines at the Beaconsfield. You can so have a look at a tin mine called Derby. The Tamar River is an important part of the north east and is extremely scenic. You will love the waterfalls, gorge and beaches here. Launceston is the biggest city in the north east and is popular for its historic buildings, restaurants and parks. Another north-eastern Tasmanian attraction is the town of Scottsdale which has the biggest lavender farms.

Let’s find out more about the south and south-eastern part of Tasmania. It is the most populated part of the state but still boasts of bush lands which are another popular Tasmanian attraction. The capital of Tasmania is Hobart and also the largest city in the state. It is located here in the south east. It is not just the hub for commerce and industry but also home to many heritage sites. You just have to visit the Shot Tower which is at Taroona and Arthur’s Circus at Battery Point. Don’t miss the artistic town of Richmond, the Hastings cave, Mt. Wellington and Mt. Field National Park.

It time for the Tasmania’s Suncoast. The east coast of Tasmania is absolutely lovely and boasts of the finest weather all year long. Fishing is a major attraction here and the towns of Bicheno and St. Helens are the best known fishing ports. The popular and most visited Tasmanian tourist attraction, Freycinet National Park is located on the east coast. For camping head to Coles Bay and Wineglass bay is not to be missed. Swim, lie on the white sandy beaches, snorkel and also visit the birds, fishes and animals in Bicheno’s sea life park.

For the best of Tasmanian wilderness its time for the wild – Wild West! The western region is not populated at all and is a real getaway spot in the true sense of the word. Escape to the western wilderness for some time alone. Queenstown is the biggest town here. It is here in the south west that you will see some of the most spectacular Tasmanian wilderness. The Gordon River runs through the south west and gives Tasmania some lovely sights enjoyed by tourists and Bushwalkers. You must visit the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park.

There is more to see and experience here. Yu will never run out of things to do in Tasmania. It is easily accessible by road, air and rail. You can also hop on to Australia’s oldest narrow gauge train to take you through the Lune River and other Tasmanian Attractions.