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Experience Wilderness of the Exotic Kind in Daintree Australia

Posted on March 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

Visit Daintree, north Queensland, where beach and rain forest merge in one spectacular location. Experience wilderness of the exotic kind viewing crocodiles, kangaroos, maybe a platypus. Broken into three parts, a portion is national park. Approach from Cairns, Port Douglas or Palm Cove, or stay right in the heart of this oldest rain forest in the world.

You can cross Daintree River by boarding a car ferry. Perhaps travel down it by boat with an experienced operator. Find some rock pools or rivers with safe waters for a swim and a splash thanks to some inside information from locals.

Boardwalks provide another way to see the forest while preserving the forest floor from damage. Some of these allow for self-guided touring. Others emanate from a discovery centre. Bring the kids so they can learn while on holiday. Here they will learn to understand the value of preserving a complex ecosystem; how all parts work together to pump life not just around in circles, but into the global environment. Their education could make a significant impact.

Their lessons involve touch screens and displays. Audio devices provide a further dimension to learning. Explore ancient trees, rare plant life and look out for over four hundred species of birds.

Daintree culture gains inspiration from its setting. Visit Dragonfly and Lora Villa Art Galleries for a view of how the sights and sounds manifest themselves creatively. Artists showcased are local to the area.

Join an Aboriginal guided tour in Mossman Gorge. This location takes up another of the three parts known as Daintree. During your time with them learn about medicinal plants, pre-European culture and ancient beliefs.

Your final portion of the regional trio is Cape Tribulation. Here, Captain Cook and crew ran into a coral reef on board the famous Endeavour while exploring from Britain. Instead of finding a huge Southern Continent as many in Britain had hoped, he mapped the antipodes. Today, do not expect to find the remnants of his ship, but by all means try your hand at fishing for native fish such as Barramundi and just imagine yourself standing in waters within view of where Cook and crew would have experienced damages. Bring your snorkeling or diving equipment for a closer look at aquatic wildlife.

Though cities, shopping and business continue their urban buzz less than two hours away, feel secluded at Daintree accommodations. Then again, rain forest noises could compete with the sounds of the city any day. Some hotels, motels and lodges attract backpackers and holiday makers on a budget. Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa is comprised of fifteen villas. These provide in-house videos, phones and tea or coffee making facilities so you can sit back with a hot drink to listen to calls in the wild. Bring the kids by all means. Julaymba Restaurant will fill your belly: sit out on the balcony terrace for an al fresco dinner. Make use of business facilities in this tropical paradise if you can keep your mind on work to a background of exotic bird calls. Spa services include aromatherapy, body wraps and more.