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Creative Memory – Use Your Imagination to Remember a Shopping List

Posted on April 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

In my article “Word Games – Dazzle Your Friends With This Mind Game”, I explained the system of using memory pictures to count. You may use whatever pictures you want for your list. Here is mine. One Run. 2 Zoo. 3 Tree. 4 Door. 5 Hive. 6 Sick. 7 Heaven. 8 Gate. 9 Mine. The list keeps going through the teens until you have a photo in your head for each number. When you get to twenty you might do as I do and use plenty for 20. Plenty run will be a whole bunch instead of one horse running in the glue. The street is filled with thousand of white horses all stuck in the glue and trying to get free.

Soon you will be able to count this way. Run, zoo, tree, door, hive, sick, heaven, gate, mine, den, elephant, shelve, hurting, sorting, lifting, sickening, leavening, waiting, dining, plenty, plenty run, plenty zoo, plenty tree etc.

It takes some practice to become efficient in remembering these photos but that is what you must do. Repeat it a few times thinking of the scene for each number until you can do it as fast as you can count normally.

So how will you use the system? If you want to remember a list of articles it is simple. Item one. A quart of milk. Think of the horses running down the street in the glue and a gigantic quart of milk is pouring onto the horse from a big quart bottle. Item number two. Pick up the dry cleaning. Think of the pink elephant in the zoo holding up your dress and tearing it apart. With every item from the list you want to place the item into the picture and make it appear as messy as possible. The wilder the photo, the easier it is to remember.

This may be a strange way to improve your memory but I can attest to it working every time. I have used it for forty years. Give it a chance and have fun with it.