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3 Keys to Planning a Perfect Summer Vacation

Posted on July 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

With the recent slowdown in the economy, many families are choosing to stay closer to home for their summer vacations. Fortunately, the continental U.S. is home to some wonderful vacation sites and spectacular scenery.

National parks and forests are scattered throughout the country, but few places combine the beauty of wilderness with the exciting nightlife and comforts of home like the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. From glitzy stops like Aspen and Vail to the historic mining towns like Telluride and Glenwood Springs, there’s no shortage of crowd pleasers in Colorado.

From a thrilling day of whitewater rafting, to a laid back afternoon of fly fishing or even a day of shopping, there is a wide range of options. If you’re considering a Rocky Mountain holiday this summer, here are a few questions you should ask before getting started:

1. What types of activities will my family enjoy?

Answering this question first will get you going in the right direction. While you might enjoy fishing or hiking, something like horseback riding might suit your whole family better.

Make a list of activities and then prioritize them. Then you’ll know what to look for in a place to stay. Many destinations might even allow you to combine a few of these things.

2. What type of experience and vacation am I looking for?

Would you like a town with lots of nightlife and shopping? Or would you prefer the quiet solitude and beauty of a Wilderness trip? Think about the pace you like to keep and the goals you have for this vacation. Whether it’s excitement or pure relaxation, defining this ahead of time will ensure you get the most out of your trip.

3. What location would be most convenient?

Consider where you’ll be coming from. Will you be driving from a nearby city or out of state? Or will you be flying in to a major airport? You may want to consider what part of the state you’ll be coming from in order to maximize your time on vacation and minimize your time driving.

Before booking anything, get out a map and make a note of major interstates and highways. Use an online mapping program to calculate approximate driving times and make sure that it reasonably fits within your schedule.

There’s nothing quite like a vacation in the Colorado high country but with all the options available, planning could be overwhelming. With these three items clearly defined, not only will your vacation be more enjoyable but you’ll waste much less time trying to plan and prepare. Start by narrowing down the options and then you can make a more focused plan of attack.

Paynesville Australia Is A Boating And Nature Lovers Paradise

Posted on June 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

Without a doubt, Paynesville, a former ship building center, is the most popular spot in all of Victoria for water sports. You can find nearly any kind of water related activity here, as well as fantastic scenery and an abundance of wildlife. It is the perfect spot for any nature enthusiast or water lover.

Paynesville is a charming village that is surrounded by three lakes amidst Australia’s famed Gippsland waterways, about 300 kilometers from Melbourne. Its unique location between Lake Wellington, Lake King and Lake Victoria gives visitors excellent access to saltwater as well as fresh water activities around the region’s vast network of lakes, rivers and coastal waterways.

Paynesville is certainly the area’s center for boating. There are boundless marinas around to dock, launch or rent a boat. An extensive canal system makes it simple to move throughout the whole of East Gippsland. Boaters here can do their own sailing or charter a vessel for sightseeing, dining or fishing.

There are also many opportunities for canoeing, tubing and kayaking in the Mitchell River. This is a terrific place to experience the magnificent scenery, wildlife areas and wilderness landscapes. An interesting natural feature here is the Silt Jetties. These are eight kilometer long delta formations at the mouth of the river that are the second largest of their kind in the world.

In addition to the many aquatic recreational activities, Paynesville is also noted for being a place to examine many native wildlife species, plant varieties and geological formations. Besides the many lakes and other waterways, the local environments also include marshlands, woods and grasslands. Nature enthusiasts gather here to observe a wide variety of animals that are abundant in their natural habitats.

One of the most popular attractions for nature lovers is the Rotamah Island bird observatory, located on the shore of Lake Victoria. This is a facility operated by the Royal Australian Ornithologists’ Union and is an internationally known field study center. It also functions as a museum that features artifacts, photography and art. Visitors here can find a multitude of fascinating exhibits related to animal behavior, plant life and local ecology.

Birdwatchers will find hundreds of species of mammals, fish and native birds in the famous Lakes National Park, including many rare varieties of swans, pelicans, and ducks. This area is considered to have the most significant of all populations of rare wading birds found in Australia. There are also guided tours that enable the tourist to catch a glimpse of kangaroos, koalas and emus in the wild.

Naturally, the lake systems are heavily used for both commercial as well as recreational fishing and virtually all the lakes are easily accessible by boat. While the waters have a diverse variety of fish species for anglers, the most popular and plentiful are the notable black bream and the mullet. Fishing trips and boat tours around the lakes and rivers are always available from the marinas in Paynesville. Many water skiers, windsurfers and divers regularly visit to take advantage of the water.

Of course, you can also find excellent accommodations, restaurants and shopping. There are also many festivals, market events and yacht races. Without a doubt, Paynesville is the premier location in Australia for nautical and natural vacationing.

Wilderness Survival Gear Guide

Posted on June 24, 2018 in Uncategorized

Wilderness survival gear encompasses many facets of maintaining a level of security while out in the elements. Which backpack, tent, sleeping bag and clothing you choose can make all the difference in the world when actually utilizing these items in nature. With comparative research, you will be able to procure the proper equipment best suited to your wilderness survival needs.

An important piece of wilderness survival gear to have is a quality backpack. Because this piece of equipment will end up taking quite a bit of abuse out in the wild, you want to make sure you buy the right model for your specific needs. There are two styles to choose from when shopping around for a backpack. Using lightweight aluminum, an external frame backpack is well-suited to most backpackers who carry ample loads. Internal frames are usually made out of a heavier material like glass or carbon fiber, but offer better balance by creating a lower center of gravity.

Having the proper kind of shelter is just as important as procuring the right backpack. The types of tents vary from family-sized shelters that comfortably sleep up to 10 people to small backpacking tents built for one. There are some models that allow for standing room up to 6’5″ tall while others have a simple crawl-in entrance. While the luxury of a larger tent may seem beneficial, factoring in the weight of the materials on your pack load is necessary.

Your bed for the evening will most likely be a sleeping bag. Your location will be a huge factor in deciding on a model and style for your needs. If you will be in snow, you will want to find a sleeping bag with a draft collar as this feature retains heat while preventing cold air from entering. In hotter climates, look for a well-ventilated sleeping bag with a side zipper stretching the entire length of the sleeping bag. This allows you to air out your lower extremities. There are literally hundreds of different models, styles and brands to choose from when shopping for this type of wilderness survival gear so your needs are sure to be met.

The type of clothing you will need for your survival in the wilderness is also heavily determined by the type of climate your will be in. A very important cold weather clothing item to obtain is some type of hat, preferably wool. As you lose 40 to 45% of heat through your exposed head, it is plain to see why wearing protective covering is important. In any kind of climate, wearing many loose layers is beneficial as tight clothing restricts blood flow and circulation. In cold climates, this tactic encourages insulation while in warmer temperatures, removal of clothing in layers as you see fit results in proper ventilation.