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Gay Travel to India

Posted on November 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

India is a multidimensional country that has much to offer to any type of traveler. From the snowcapped Himalayas to sunny, sandy beaches and all of the diverse terrain in between, gay travel to India includes a plethora of opportunities for adventure or relaxation in this ever-changing country. Long-known as a nation with a distinct dedication to spirituality and natural healing, a gay vacation to India is an ideal choice for those looking for the opportunity to refocus on what is important in life, reprioritize, and awaken or reawaken their spiritual center.

The multidimensional character of India also allows for gay vacations that focus on exploring sacred, historical and cultural sites, trekking through untouched wilderness, shopping in traditional bazaars and high-end boutiques, indulging in delicious cuisine or learning about life in a rural village.

Those who take a gay vacation to India will find that it is very difficult to find a noticeable LGBT community, even in urban areas. In 2009, the Delhi High Court took an important step towards decriminalizing same-sex relations when it voted to overturn a 148-year-old law still on the books from when India was a British colony. This antiquated law, which is no longer upheld in Delhi, but is still enforced in the rest of the country, prohibits “carnal intercourse against the order of nature” and includes same-sex intercourse, as well as some heterosexual sexual acts.

Activists are trying to rectify this situation, but in the meantime, those who take gay vacations in India should be aware of this. With that said, there are many LGBT people living in India and there are some gathering spots, as well as the cruising areas you can expect in nearly any country, no matter how conservative. While there are mixed feelings at both a community and government level about LGBT folks, ideas about sexuality are changing, making India an ever-improving option for gay travel.

Same-sex relationships may still hold a taboo status in much of India, but this has not stopped this beautiful, diverse country from being a highly popular destination for gay travel, and LGBT travelers typically report no issues during their gay travel. One way to ensure that your India gay vacation is a fulfilling, safe, remarkable trip is to arrange to take part in a tour organized by a trustworthy, well-established company that is experienced in providing exceptional trips and tours catering to LGBT folks.

Choosing to travel in India with a tour group is an excellent way to ensure that you have the opportunity to enjoy India’s most alluring attractions, rejuvenate your spirit at sacred temples and experience life-changing moments during your travels.

Alaska Fishing Lodge – Wilderness Place Lodge

Posted on November 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Looking for an Alaska fishing lodge can be a fun part of planning your next fishing vacation. Working out when you can travel, finding what fish are at peak times, and locating a region of your choice are big factors to arranging your fishing adventure. Then comes finding a lodge that will not only satisfy your comfort needs, but will also offer the things you will need for your fishing excursions.

If you are planning a fishing trip to Southcentral Alaska, then perhaps you should consider making Wilderness Place Lodge your choice of Alaska fishing lodge. This deluxe fly-in fishing lodge is located 80 miles as the crow flies from Anchorage and sits along Lake Creek. You will find king, sockeye, silver, chum, and pink salmon here as well as native rainbow trout.

This Alaska Fishing Lodge is located along the edge of Denali National Park and has some truly wonderful fishing trips for fishermen. Fly-fishing and spinning are some of the types of fishing to be done here and the Freestone River offers some great wade fishing opportunities nearby.

Wilderness Place Lodge is run with a personal, warm, close approach. This starts at a staff level where the ratio of staff to guests equals 1-to-1. This carries through to the guided fishing too. Fly-fishing instruction is available here and each guide only takes 2-3 people on each trip, so they can spend more time helping each guest to maximize their Alaska fishing vacation. The fishing packages are custom and have flexible schedules to fit your agenda. After all, you are on vacation and this remote area offers some spectacular scenery to enjoy in addition to the great fishing.

The accommodations at this Alaska Fishing Lodge are quite affordable, yet the people at Wilderness Place Lodge do not skimp on the personal service. The things you would expect to find at a lodge can be found here. Fine rooms and a comfortable lodge setting, Alaska cuisine served in the dining room, and even a lodge fly-fishing shop that has fly tying for novice or expert fishermen alike.

When you sum it all up you will find that a stay at Wilderness Place Lodge is a great idea for your next fishing vacation to an Alaska Fishing Lodge. Personal service, fine lodging, great Alaska cuisine along with some tremendous fishing at the border of Denali National Forest make for a Alaska fishing trip that you will remember for many years to come.

Alaska Fishing Lodges – Exquisite Amenities and Comfort in the Wilderness

Posted on November 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Are you planning a trip to Alaska? What is the main attraction that draws you to this particular location? For many people, it is the wildlife and sense of open air that can be found in very limited places around the world today. For others, while the open space is a plus, fishing is the main reason that brings them this far north. There are specific accommodations called Alaska fishing lodges that house traveling fishermen with exquisite amenities and comfort. At the end of a busy and tiring day of fishing and reeling in impressive catches, you will want a place to unwind and relax for the night. This is the important role that Alaska fishing lodges play in your vacation in the rugged north.

Salmon and halibut are the most plentiful varieties of fish in Alaska. Many people choose Alaska as their salmon fishing destination because new fish-catching records are made there regularly. This means you can expect to reel in huge specimens during your travels to the state. If you are no expert fisherman but want to give it a try during your travels, Alaska fishing lodges could still be the right choice for you. In fact, most locations offer guides to their guests to help explain where the best places to fish are and techniques for reeling in the big ones.

The rooms of Alaska fishing lodges are furnished very comfortably to provide you with all you need to relax on your vacation. Some locations offer private cabins as their primary accommodations, providing you with even more privacy and comfort during your stay. Every amenity you would expect in your room or cabin will certainly be found there. Private bathrooms, television and free internet to stay connected with friends and family are all at your disposal.

If you want to do more than just fish on your Alaska vacation, there are plenty of other tourist destinations you could explore as well. For more information, ask the guides at Alaska fishing lodges to help you decide what is most worthwhile during your stay. Sightseeing, shopping, dining and other activities await you and your family on your travels. Choosing to stay in an Alaska fishing lodge will help you make the most of your vacation as you will have the opportunity to enjoy world-class comfort and relaxation in the privacy of your very own cabin after a fruitful day of fishing.