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Buying A Camping Tent – More To Think About Then Just Color

Posted on October 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

When some think camping, they think cushy RV. But die-hard campers think differently. It’s all about the tent. With so many types of tents available, finding the right tent or a camping trip means looking at many options.

To narrow down your pick of camping tents, you first must decide on the specs you need.

When and where are you going camping?

Are you going camping in the summer or early fall? Or, perhaps you are braving the winter cold. The type of weather/temperature and expected elements will all play a role in what type of camping tent you choose. There are summer tents and then three and four season tents available, the latter being the best for mountainous areas and winter climates.

Also, considering when you are going camping will help with features. For example, in the warmer weather you will want a tent with some mesh in the tent walls, which will allow for ventilation. If camping in the winter and you are going to have wet or muddy shoes, you may want a tent that has a foyer. If it is a rainy season, be sure to get a tent that has maximum waterproofing and a roof that will not hold rainwater.

Where will you be pitching your tent?

Are you going on a hiking trip and will thus be pitching your tent over and over again? If that is the case, you may want a tent that sets up and tears down with ease-maybe a lighter weight backpacking tent. Also, there are freestanding camping tents available for places where it is difficult to drive a tent stake into the ground, such as on sand.

How many people are sleeping in the tent?

Being comfortable matters. A two-person tent is usually fine for two people, but if you are bringing along Rover or will have lots of supplies you’ll want to store in the tent, perhaps a four-person tent will be better. Also, do not take the tag’s label for an absolute. Just because it says it sleeps two, it may not mean comfortably. Again, take into consideration toss and turn room, or room for an air mattress.

How much do you want to spend?

You will also want to consider the budget you have for your tent. If you are planning to camp frequently, investing in a higher quality tent that may cost a little more is worth it. However, if you plan to camp once in a great while, investing $700 in a tent may not. However, do not settle for something cheap either. A good quality tent should last a lifetime.

What color is it? While a camping tent purchase should not be based on style, color can come into play. Lighter colors allow for more light to come in, something to keep in mind when camping in the winter or thick wilderness.

Shop in Person Shopping for a tent in person is a good idea, at least to get an idea for the room and comfort. You know, to actually get in there and stretch out. However, once you find a model you are comfortable with shop around online and research the best deal.