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Otis Wilder Mather’s Revenge (A Shannon O’Day Short Story)

Posted on February 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

((A Shannon O’Day Story) (1955))

Otis Wilder Mather, had taken the $500-dollars Shannon O’Day had given him, back in the early 40s, invested it in Ozark. Alabama, livestock, and became rich, obliged to no man. Not that he didn’t owe a much obliged to someone. This was years later of course, Many a hard and wet and snowy and grey winter had come and gone in Minnesota, left between his visits to see Shannon O’Day, his truly one and only friend up in Minnesota. He even drove his brand new 1955 Ford sports car, Thunderbird; and owned his own meat market on Jackson Street and two more in Ozark, and one in Shanty Town, seven miles outside of Ozark.

He no longer wore patched cotton overalls, rather tailored ones. They called him in Minnesota, ‘The rich nigger from Ozark.’

He’d walk the snowy streets in gray misty afternoons, passing over the Wabasha Bridge, looking down onto the Mississippi River, saying out loud to the Lord, “Eyes in a hurry Lord, cuz black folk dont even have a barn to live in nowadays, against the cold weather up yonder here,” and folks saw he had very warm boots with fur on them, and a long coat, with fur on the lapels, and he’d hear them badmouthing him under their breaths, cussing him as he walked by, saying ‘nigger go home’ in the stormy winters, breathing in the cold mist, like them. They said these things, not because he was rich, became James Hill, who owned a railroad and lived on Summit Hill nearby, was rich, but because he was a negro, for his black skin being inside those warm garments, warmer than theirs, and their skin was white, and because Otis Wilder Mather was more devoted to work, and beef and cattle, and cows and calves and butcher shops than to humans, even though he took care of his family well. They couldn’t believe a black man could obtain such wealth, cursing the fact that he did; his vengeance to the white raced his revenge one could say was success.

But learned something from his one time accuser of wrong, Gus O’Day, that in slow incriminations over a long period of time, converted into wealth, that something’s were somewhat controllable and somewhat predictable, one being the love the white race had for beef. In addition to that, the love human males had for the cow, its milk and beef and the long subsequent years of their gestation of his products. This success was the only justice available to him for the wrongs man had done him in Minnesota, when they tired to convict him in 1950 for the burning of Gus O’Day’s cornfields, when it remained a mystery to the truth.

That was it. Prolongation-never stopping or hoping never giving in, hope no longer was deferred, he saw it in the white man’s eyes, ‘outrage!’ now the blow fell upon those who cursed and cussed him. The one who gave him the five-hundred dollars, he had dreamed when given that money, dreamt the imaginary purchase of a cow, and here he bought twelve-cows, and fed them a winter, then sold them plump, and for twice as much, and bough twenty-four cows and fed them another winter, for near fifteen years he did that, now he owned four meat markets, in Ozark, St. Paul, and Shanty Town, a few miles outside of Ozark, where the poor black lived.

Written 5-25-2009
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Hiking Boot Reviews – Essential Selection and Shopping Information

Posted on February 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

Numerous people choose hiking as their favorite outdoors activity. Do you love this activity as well? If true, then you know the importance of protecting your feet. People can hike anywhere including in the jungle, wilderness, mountainous regions, icy and snowy grounds and so on. Without putting on the right footwear, hikers can hurt their feet. By reading the available hiking boot reviews, anyone can get a better understanding on this issue.

Reviews act as good guides for new and previous shoppers who are in search of the suitable boot pair. Ensure that you look through review comments to know why you need a strong pair of trekking boots. As mentioned briefly above, these shoes have what it takes to ensure safety of the wearer’s foot. They boast a very strong outsole construction to withstand rocks, thorns, insects and other things that can injure your foot.

At the same time, these products have a soft padding, which provides endless support and protection on the sides of your feet. As a result, your entire leg, especially the area around the ankles can stay free of sprains and cramps through out the hiking session. Ankle safety remains good too because the boot’s top possess a very stiff construction. Additionally, many designer boot models are waterproof, meaning that they will not allow water to enter inside them.

In our hiking boot reviews, you would also learn awesome shopping tips. These products are useful but not all of them. Shoppers have to know what they want before they can start searching for a pair of boots. As well, decide the type of mountaineering you intend to do soon, since there are shoes for vigorous and simple activity. For camping related hikes, you should go for the later and the former for daily treks.

The heavy-duty footwear for many days’ walking is often slightly heavier to withstand the weight of a loaded backpack. The reviews would also direct you to the best shopping places where you would find very good price deals. What is more, they would reveal to the existing boot brands and which ones among them are shoppers’ favorites. There are many designers out there but some like Asolo, Timberland, Boreal and Lowa are very popular.

Note that several other top brands are available and the only thing left to do is searching for them. There are various types of designer shoes available for hiking. Often, you will find them grouped in terms of the common feet sizes. There are special boot models for people that have narrow and wider feet. Custom varieties exist too and they consist of personal choice measurements.

You can also choose shoes that have waterproof technology or those that lack. Additionally, you can look specifically for winter models with insulation for ensuring warmth. Finally, you want to read hiking boot reviews to find out how one would care for his or her favorite type. Whether you get a cheap or expensive pair, you would still want it to last longer. Some prior shoppers are keen on giving maintenance and repair tips for any branded footwear for hiking.

How to Unlock Your Wife’s Inner Sexual Wilderness

Posted on February 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

Social norms have caused women to deliberately suppress their sexuality and deprive them the right to enjoy sex as much as men do. Just like a wolf hiding under a sheep skin, inside every woman is a sex Goddess who is waiting to “break out from her skin” under the right conditions. Here is how you can awaken the sex goddess inside your wife.

(1) Tell your wife to just “let go”. Being too self-conscious or trying to maintain the “good girl” image will prevent your wife from enjoying sex.

(2) Get your wife to love her body. Most women are raised with distorted negative messages about their bodies in general and their genitals in particular. Get her to love and accept her body as it is, even though it may not be of “super model” type.

(3) Make her feel sexy about herself by telling her how attractive and irresistible she is.

(4) Get her into the mood by watching with her movies that have strong sexual content or share with her some erotic reading materials. Encourage her to fantasize.

(5) Explore and discover. Take the time to find out about her likes and dislikes as well as her erogenous zones. Try a variety of sexual positions.

(6) An overworked and stressful wife is less likely to feel and behave in a sexy way. Help her with some simple daily chores such as taking out the trash, folding the laundry and washing dishes, etc.

(7) Accompany her for some lingerie shopping and help her to choose those pieces that look sexy to her. Giving her some special jewelry or her favorite perfume to wear can help her to feel more attractive and sexy.

(8) Get out of the normal routine. Grab her, give her a surprise passionate kiss and start making out with her when she least expects it or experiment with having sex in different places of the house and in different positions. Try morning or afternoon sex for a change.

(9) Surprise her with some small gifts or arrange romantic dinner at home or at her favorite restaurants. Plan and reserve fun moments with her such as special, romantic evenings or trips will make her fell loved and may bring her into the mood.

(10) Sexual fantasizing. Just for a moment, stop looking at her just as your wife. Get crazy, allow your imagination to run wild and think of her as a naughty sexpot and encourage her to play the part. Find out about her sexual fantasies and make them come true.